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Terms and Conditions


No-show booking is subjected 50% penalty of total seats reserved, payment to be made at the restaurant.

Cancellation made less than 24 hours is considered as last-minute cancellation. We do not allow last-minute cancellation more than 2 occasions per month.

You are allowed to reserve as early as 3 months in advance. However, please release the allotment 2 weeks in advance if you have not secure your booking with your overseas partners.

Payments made are not refundable.

Your group is allotted 1 hour to dine in our restaurant.

You are required to quote your booking number at our restaurant upon arrival.

Only 1 tour guide or tour leader can dine in free with a minimum group size of 10 tourists.

The contract rate is strictly for overseas tourist only.

The management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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